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Aug 23, 2009 9:00am EDT
him about 18 days to make the passage from lasa to india, and during that time, president eisenhower received radio reports from the c.i.a. director, every other day. charting the progress of the tibetans, the c.i.a. had managed to train and put in place some agents, who could accompany the dalai lama on a very hazardous journey through the mountains, and eisenhower was in almost realtime getting information about what was happening. thanks to geshae. geshae was brought down to washington to a safe house in georgetown to translate the radio reports coming out of tibet about the dalai lama and his movement. once he was safely out, a full fledged guerrilla operation began. i think the tibetan national uprising in which some 85,000 tibetans lost their lives, was probably the high watermark of that resistance. many of the weapons that had been flown into tibet and parachuted down to the himalayas came as a result of the american support operation. the dalai lama himself never personally sanctioned this violence. in fact, he was very dubious and for a long time, the united states is the c
Aug 23, 2009 1:30pm EDT
- the ceo's of ford, chrysler, and gm say they'll take a salary of just $1 a year. >>> officials in india are blaming pakistani terrorists for the ten violent attacks in mumbai last week. u.s. secretary of state condoleeza rice is visiting the area hoping to ease tensions between the countries. >>> a surprising number of teens admit they cheat on tests. in fact, a study found 64% of high school students do it. teachers and students say there's a lot of pressure on teens to succeed. >>> as if 14 olympic gold medals weren't enough -- swimmer michael phelps has won a new title. "sports illustrated" named him sportsman of the year. >>> that's headlines for this week, for "teen kids news, i'm lauren. >>> most kids are able to take their health for granted. but not those who have to cope with an illness that starts when you're young and lasts a lifetime. felipe tells us what it's like to manage a life threatening disease. felipe? >> reporter: jessica, it takes a lot of responsibility. kids who have type 1 diabetes can never put it out of their mind. >> when i first found out, i couldn't believe
FOX News
Aug 22, 2009 11:30pm EDT
china and india. now they're promoting free tax in heaven. >> one and all, back next week. paul re see you then. >>> on "fox news watch." what is the president healthcare plan? the number one question as the press keeps up the pressure. have we heard the answer? u.s. troops continue their hunt for the bad guys in afghanistan. some at home lose interest in the effort. are the media to blame in former falcon flies with the eagles and the exconvict victim goes from jailtime -- ex-con vick goes from jailtime to primetime. and a politician is dancing and is tripped up by the media on the left. some man who paved the way to how we get our news today, john hewitt. >> television is good. not when you see it and not when you hear it. but when you feel it. ♪ >> on the panel this week, guthrie, programming editor for broadcasting and cable magazine, cal thomas, jim pinkerton, fellow, new america foundation and fox forum contributor and kirsten powers, "new york post" columnist. i'm john scott, fox news watch is on right now. >> what is your response so far to the suggestion that the healthc
Aug 23, 2009 11:00am EDT
is the most cluttered room in the house i tend to be a little more austere but from pakistan or india or an iraq or indonesia weird you end up? but they do have some hidden values religion fascinates me but the southeast asia and religion figure of buddha telling us to be gave ourselves put strings around it is a begging bowl from afghanistan. the work is a very fine and if you look you do not want to polish to something like this. my mother gave me these because we're a little when we were children we had some. it is a reminder of when we were kids. they are called britons, these little mental soldiers. but the most important thing in this room, by far, even more important than books, pictures of my wife. they are all over the house. she is slavic but when i write, my goal is not to disappoint not to dismay i do not want to make per angry but my test really is and i have written a sufficiently honestly with enough integrity to pass the catherine mcintyre peters test roi also have another test at penn state as the underground -- undergrad in the late '60s when it was voted number one
Aug 23, 2009 10:00am EDT
, of the scope of atrocities that were going on india down. the other thing that you, after john kerry gave his testimony to the senate in 1971, remember, vietnam veterans against the war. after his testimony, the nixon administration, we now know, worked closely with another veterans group that eventually came the veterans, that's kind of the ring, the senate, that worked closely with them to put out a different story to the public. that these guys were liars and fabricators, and in fact, the army records don't show that they were liars. >> thank you. >> incidentally, you mentioned john kerry, you know as probably most of you recall in 2004, he was attacked by the swift boaters when he was running for president for his testimony in 1971, war crimes were a common occurrence in the non. and it was an effective attack that helped defeat him. but one of the people, one of the officers was part of a small group that collected these records in the pentagon is now a retired general, and a vocal opponent to the iraq war. in 2040 contacted the kerry campaign three times. he wanted to tell them that the
Aug 23, 2009 6:00am EDT
ingredient. come in today and connect up to five devices on one 3g connection. now only $99.99 >>> india arie with a soulful message there, with the song "i ham not my hair." what exactly is good hair and why do people pursue it so much? if you have good hair, congratulations. if you don't have good hair, you probably want it and some who do have it anyway, they probably pay for it. it's a huge industry. a $9 billion industry that black people and especially black women support with what chris rock as we've called the hair addiction, i caught up with chris rock. we discuss what exactly is good hair and the message he's trying to send in his new movie. >> what's your definition of good hair? >> relaxed and nice. >> if your hair is relaxed white people are nice. if your hair is nappy they aren't happy. >> what would you define good hair. not the movie. what is actually good hair? >> all hair is good. >> there you go. >> all hair is good. >> she's got good hair. >> as long as it's behaving. >> as long as it's not attacking you. not flesh eating hair. >> some people need work to get to it be
Aug 23, 2009 6:30pm EDT
china and india to pollute freely. we need to look at policies and see what is constructed, in addition, and effected. so these first two policies, the stimulus bill and cap-and-trade, i can tell you what i am against. i'll also tell you what i am for. i know you have questions about the third issue, health care. how many have you think that health care does not need any changes or any type of reform whatsoever? please raise your hand. i always say there is one in the crowd. how many of you say that we got to do something about health care but the approach is what matters? absolutely. the consensus is for reform. but i share your concern that a form for the sake of reform, action for the sake of action is not right. you have to do it right not just do it. what we have seen out of washington is their intent to act quickly. and i think, is a way that is flawed. i will tell you what i am for and what i am against. let me tell you what i am against. [laughter] this is h.r. 3200, a house version of the president's health-care plan. 1018 pages. i can tell you what i am against. i am against t
Aug 23, 2009 10:30am EDT
our competitors like china and india to pollute freely at a lower cost basis for energy. so we need to look at policies and see what's constructive, efficient, and effective. so when i'm telling you about these first two policies, the stimulus bill and cap and trade, i can tell you what i'm against. but i also am going to tell you tonight what i'm for. and so i know you've got questions about the third issue i want to mention, health care. how many think that hk doesn't need any changes or any type of reform whatsoever? please raise your hands. i always say there's one in the crowd. how many think that we've got to do something about health care but the approach is what thearts? i share your concern that reform for the sake of reform, action for the sake of action is not right. touf make sure you do it right, not just quickly. and so what we've seen out of washington is their intent to act quickly, and i think in a way that's flawed. so as i told you, i'll tell you what i'm for and what i'm against. let me begin with what i'm against. this is h.r. 32 00, the house version of the pre
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8